Transaction consulting: tailored to you and to medium-sized companies

Expansion into new markets, expansion of market position, opening up of new technologies, divestment or lack of a succession plan within the family – there are many reasons for mergers and acquisition transactions (M&A). Whether an entire company, or a shareholding in a company, is to be purchased or sold, we will work with you to develop a tailored solution. The same applies for the development of an appropriate succession plan for family-owned companies.

Our services in the area of transaction consulting:

M&A consulting

Successful M&A consulting

Proper M&A consulting requires trust. In M&A transactions, our consulting is tailored to providing support to medium-sized companies. The responsible partner from the M&A company works in interdisciplinary teams together with auditors, tax consultants and lawyers. The seniority in our teams ensures client-oriented expertise.

Our services in the area of M&A consulting:
  • M&A consulting in all phases of a transaction
  • Coordination of and support for the M&A process
  • Preparation of presentation documents (factbook, memorandum, etc.)
  • Set-up and support for electronic data room
Due diligence

Due diligence, a thorough analysis

We fulfil our obligation to carry out a comprehensive appraisal of companies or company shareholdings that are to be bought or sold. We carry out a systematic SWOT analysis of the company and prepare a detailed list of the risks associated with the transaction. Following this assessment, we can properly assess the financial, economic, tax and legal situation of a company and we can provide a comprehensive basis for decisions.

Our services in the area of due diligence:
  • Financial due diligence
  • Tax due diligence
  • IT due diligence
  • Vendor due diligence
Company valuation

Company valuation

There are many reasons for carrying out a company valuation – from acquisitions, mergers, arbitration proceedings, arrival of new partners or withdrawal or exit of existing partners, management buy-out, management buy-in, estate distribution, privatisation or settlement in family law. Additionally, company valuations for inheritance and gift tax purposes are becoming increasingly important. Our valuation specialists provide support with valuations based on national and international standards. Depending on the circumstances, we act as auditors, advisors, or as neutral experts and we provide values and reference points for decisions, and also for arbitration results.

Our services in the area of company valuation:
  • Role of the expert auditor in special audits in accordance with stock corporation law
  • Valuation of companies and parts of companies
  • Valuation certificates for contributions in kind
  • Creation of valuation certificates in association with restructuring operations under company law
  • Preparation of arbitrator’s opinion and collaboration with arbitration tribunals
Business succession

Successfully planning business succession

For many entrepreneurs, establishing a sound succession plan for the business is the most difficult and most emotionally demanding phase of their working lives. The responsibility for the company is to be transferred to suitable successors, the transaction should be as tax-efficient as possible, and it should also protect the interests of the company and the employees into the future. We support entrepreneurs in this difficult period and we develop suitable succession concepts which are designed to secure the assets of the family and maintain harmony among family members.

Our services in the area of business succession:
  • Analysis, valuation, price determination in the case of a corporate transaction involving fees
  • Tax optimization of possible company sale
  • Tax-optimized drafting of assignment agreements

Additional services


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Transaction consulting

Transaction consulting: tailored to you and to medium-sized companies


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