Data protection

We welcome you to the FALK website and we thank you for your interest in our company. To reassure you with regard to what happens with your personal data, we outline here what happens with the data and which security measures we have in place. We also inform you about your legal rights in connection with the processing of this data.

When you visit our website, we do not require any data from you. We merely note the name of your provider and the web pages you access during your visit. As an internet user, you remain anonymous, however, as we only evaluate this data for statistical purposes (e.g. the number of call ups of individual web pages).

Personal data is only collected if you decide to provide it voluntarily, for example, in the context of a survey. This data is currently still transferred in unencrypted form, so the possibility cannot be excluded that unauthorized third parties may access this data whilst it is being transferred. It is possible, however, to use alternative communication paths which offer greater security than e-mail. You can find our mailing and fax addresses at the bottom of this page. We do not compile user profiles.

All the personal data that we obtain from you while you use our web pages will be collected, processed and used only for the specified purpose. We ensure that this only happens in accordance with the laws currently applicable and only with your consent.

In our public directory of procedures, you will find (in accordance with § 4e Federal data protection act) a general overview of which groups of persons and for which purpose, our company collects, processes or uses data, and to whom such data is transferred. On request, we can also notify you in writing whether we have stored personal data relating to you and, if so, what data.

To protect the data we have stored relating to our employees/customers/suppliers from unintentional or intentional manipulation, loss, destruction, or from access by unauthorized persons, we have implemented appropriate technical and organizational measures. The security level is regularly reviewed in collaboration with security experts and is adapted to comply with the latest security standards.