Auditing is the interplay between the legal requirements and the different, at times competing, interests of shareholders, creditors, and other stakeholders. Our auditors assess corporate activity risk areas from various perspectives and design the audit procedures accordingly, focusing on these risk elements. Based on the results, we discuss the options available and provide advice on how to best implement the recommendations. During the audit process, we provide you with reliable all-round support - we are independent, never indifferent.

  • More than simply a report with a seal

    Our services in the area of the year-end audit:

    Statutory, mandatory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB, IFRS, or US-GAAP accounting principles

    Auditing of the financial statements of foundations and associations

    Special audits in accordance with stock corporation law

    Audits in accordance with German budgetary principles act (HGrG)

    Audit of CSR reporting (Corporate Social Responsibility)

  • International accounting from IFRS to US-GAAP

    Our services in the area of IFRS and US-GAAP:

    Legal, statutory and voluntary audits of annual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS and US-GAAP accounting principles

    Transition to IFRS or US-GAAP

    SOX 404 Compliance (audit and consulting)

    Ongoing IFRS and US-GAAP reporting

  • Security first thanks to IT audit

    Our services in the area of IT audit and IT security:

    Data analysis (IT-supported audit techniques)

    Security and authorization audit for various software systems

    Audit and certification of software systems

    Audit of outsourced business processes

    Audit and design of process documentation

    Audit of the regularity and correctness in e-commerce

  • In today's business world special audits of all types are increasingly important.

    Our services in the area of special audits:

    Special audits under stock corporation law

    Audits of contributions in kind and certificates of value

    Merger, legal reorganization, and business formation audits

    Audit of proofs of use of funds

    Credit audits

    Embezzlement audits

    Forensic audits

    Audits in accordance with VerpackV (German packaging ordinance)

    Audits in accordance with EEG/KWK (Renewable energy sources act / German cogeneration act)

    Audit in accordance with § 24 FinVermV (German financial investment brokerage ordinance)

    Audit in accordance with § 16 MaBV (German real estate agent and commercial development ordinance)

    Judicial and extra-judicial reports

    Quality control audits in accordance with § 57a WPO

  • Creating transparency and enabling strategy

    Our services in the area of compliance support:

    Set up and audit of compliance management systems

    Set up and audit of risk management systems

    Set up and audit of internal control systems

    Set up and audit of internal audit systems

    Assumption of compliance activities

    Assumption of internal audit activities

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