Successful restructuring or managed insolvency

Companies in crisis situations need a partner they can rely on. From our experience assisting clients through difficult times, we know in crisis situations it is critical to obtain objective analysis. Based on this, we then work together to develop a strategy for restructuring. With the restructuring, we want to create the foundation for a new beginning. Insolvency law also offers numerous instruments to enable restructuring. We support our clients through the entire process. In addition to our services for management or shareholders of a company, we also offer various services for creditors’ committees, insolvency administrators, insolvency courts and other stakeholders.

  • Creation of restructuring concepts

    Our services in the area of creation and assessment of restructuring processes are:

    Quick check

    Preparation of reorganization opinions in accordance with IDW S 6

    Business review

    Liquidity management

    Working Capital Management

    Financing consulting

    Integrated forecasting

    Controlling-ready measure plans

    Project management

    Mediation and moderation

    Measure controlling

  • When must I file for insolvency?

    Our services in the area of assessing the need for insolvency proceedings are:

    Assessment of the existence of insolvency, threatened insolvency or debt overload

    Financial status

    Short-term financial planning (13-week forecast)

    Integrated forecasting

    Debt overload status

  • Ensuring successful insolvency proceedings through early preparation

    Our services in the area of preparation of insolvency proceedings:

    Preparation of filing documents

    Organization of preliminary creditors’ committee

    Definition of selection criteria for insolvency administrator or custodian

    Appraisal of debtor-in-possession proceedings (self-administration) versus standard procedure

    Consulting on transferred restructuring versus insolvency plan

  • Preparation of permit for insolvency protection proceedings

    Our services in the area of certification for insolvency protection proceedings

    Preparation of transparent certification in accordance with IDW S9

    Explanation of how insolvency protection proceedings work

    Provision of guidance to decision makers when preparing the documents

  • Drafting of viable insolvency plans

    Our services in the area of insolvency plans are:

    Advice during construction of the insolvency plan

    Preparation of integrated forecasting

    Clarification of tax issues

    Obtaining binding information from tax office

  • In insolvency proceedings, we offer complete support

    Our services in the area of support during insolvency proceedings are:

    Liquidity management

    Measure definition, implementation and controlling

    Support for an investor process

    Ongoing accounting support (continuation of financial accounting, insolvency accounting)

    Preparation of tax returns and review of tax office claim registration

    Recognition of corporate tax credits

    Clarification of ongoing tax issues, tax-optimized restructuring by transfer (asset deal)

    Support during tax audits and finance court proceedings

  • At the request of the insolvency administrator: Annual and consolidated financial statements

    Our services in the area of annual and consolidated financial statements

    Preparation of annual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB or IFRS

    Audit of annual and consolidated financial statements in accordance with HGB or IFRS

  • Cash audit for insolvency proceedings of all sizes

    Our services in the area of cash audits are:

    Proceedings-related cash audit

    Prompt and transparent reporting

  • Prompt examination of final audits

    Our services in the area of examination of final audits are:

    Examination of final audits for insolvency court and involved creditors’ committee

    Proceedings-related examination of interim audit for insolvency court and involved creditors’ committee

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