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68163 Mannheim


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FALK Mannheim: Top in auditing and tax consulting, specialist in restructuring and company valuations

Strong businesses, forward-looking industries, well-trained skilled workers: Behind Mannheim’s rough facade lies a globally networked and highly developed city with tangible locational advantages. A mover and shaker offering companies and people within it every opportunity. This mentality makes Mannheim not only the economic centre of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, but also an important business location in Europe. A business centre with rough edges and an energy all of its own, attracting not only global corporations but also up-and-coming international SMEs and start-ups from a wide range of sectors. Consequently: Mannheim's economy is as heterogeneous as Mannheim is colourful.

At the Mannheim site, there are more than 50 employees looking after the needs of clients. In addition to auditing and tax consulting as the core competencies, specialist teams are available at the branch to deal with economically challenging situations. This applies to company valuations and the implementation of restructuring measures. FALK’s experts always focus on providing lasting benefits for their clients and devise constructive, tailored and clearly formulated solutions.

Your team of experts on site

Mitarbeiterphoto: Dörschell

Certified Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, Managing Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Fuhrmann

Certified Tax Advisor, Managing Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Kästner

Certified Tax Advisor, Senior Manager

Mitarbeiterphoto: Lütkeschümer
Mitarbeiterphoto: Merkel

Certified Tax Advisor, Spezialisierung auf Umsatzsteuerrecht, Senior Manager

Mitarbeiterphoto: Müller

Certified Public Auditor, CPA, Managing Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Rohmann

Certified Tax Advisor, Senior Manager

Mitarbeiterphoto: Roth

Certified Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, Managing Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Tichy

Certified Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, Managing Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Vituschek

Certified Tax Advisor, Certified Advisor on International Taxation, Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Wenk

Certified Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, CVA, Managing Partner


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