Outsourcing – Providing your organisation with key assistance, whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant regulations

Business processes, which are often subject to very specific but dynamic requirements, need to be organised in a compliant manner. Payroll is particularly a sensitive area. It is important to ensure your payroll is completed on time and that the appropriate income taxes and social security contributions are paid. Frequent changes to laws and administrative regulations must be observed. This plus the high sensitivity of personal data can be reasons for outsourcing to a trustworthy service provider. In particular, highly specialized functions, such as payroll, with their mix of specialized expertise and data sensitivity are well suited for outsourced management. With our expert employees, we will provide you with optimal support. Our tried and trusted approach, refined over many years, is to provide high-quality payroll services beyond the two dimensions of the technical accounting, so that in income tax or social security audits, no unwelcome - yet avoidable - surprises occur. If needed, our tax specialists, and legal partners are available for consultation and support. For small and medium-sized companies, financial accounting is often a tedious requirement ideal for outsourcing. In this area too, we provide high-quality services with specialized experts. We will be happy to set up a tailored chart of accounts, make postings by cost centre, or prepare customized evaluations (multilingual if required). Companies must deal with diverse accounting requirements, either due to legal requirements or Group internal requirements. With our specialists we are ready to support your firm in meeting these requirements, whether domestic or international, or during any time of your financial year.

  • Our services in the area of delivery of your business processes (outsourcing):

    Payroll, financial accounting

    Accounting requirements

  • Our services in the area of payroll and financial accounting:


    Income tax and social security issues

    Income tax and social security audits

    Payroll for sensitive salary groups

    Customized charts of accounts

    Posting of all business transactions

    Management accounts (BWA)

    Monthly/quarterly VAT returns

    Comprehensive support

  • Our services in the area of delivery of external and internal accounting requirements:

    Annual and consolidated financial statements

    Interim financial statements and half-year financial reports

    Group-internal reporting

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