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FALK Karlsruhe: In the heart of the technology region and the “seat of law”

With more than 300,000 inhabitants, Karlsruhe is one of the largest cities in Baden-Württemberg alongside Mannheim after the state capital Stuttgart. The city is home to the German Federal Court of Justice and the German Federal Constitutional Court, which is why it is also called the “seat of law”. Numerous authorities and research institutes of national importance are based in Karlsruhe. Out of several universities in Karlsruhe, the Institute for Technology (KIT) is the oldest and largest university and outstanding academically as a University of Excellence. In this positive environment, Karlsruhe is one of the most important European locations for information and communication technology. Geographically, Karlsruhe is situated in the south of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan area and together with this forms a very strong economic region with an enormous number of companies of all sizes.

For more than 30 years, FALK has been represented in Karlsruhe, for a long time with a subsidiary, and since 2019 with a direct FALK branch. In 2019/2020 FALK moved into new state-of-the-art office premises in Karlsruhe Technology Park. With convenient transport links to the City of Karlsruhe and the extended economic region of Karlsruhe, we mainly service SMEs, from start-ups and established family businesses through to global corporations in a variety of sectors.

Our clients receive solid and comprehensive support from highly networked interdisciplinary teams in regard to the classic annual audit, preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns, as well as specialised tax consultancy. The young and currently ever-expanding team, professionally led by several tax advisers and auditors, focuses on comprehensive client care and digital working practices. The necessary expert knowledge in the areas of VAT, international tax law and tax planning is largely covered by experts from the region. In addition, the full range of services of a supra-regional auditing and tax consulting company with almost 400 employees can also be seamlessly provided from the Karlsruhe office thanks to the close ties with FALK’s headquarters in Heidelberg approximately 50 km away.

Your team of experts on site

Mitarbeiterphoto: Heinzel

Certified Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Klebe

Certified Tax Advisor, Senior Manager

Mitarbeiterphoto: Merkel

Certified Tax Advisor, Spezialisierung auf Umsatzsteuerrecht, Senior Manager

Mitarbeiterphoto: Müller

Certified Public Auditor, CPA, Managing Partner

Mitarbeiterphoto: Wicker

Certified Tax Advisor, Senior Manager

Mitarbeiterphoto: Ziegler

Certified Public Auditor, Certified Tax Advisor, Managing Partner


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